Live Stream




Signal: (E2E)
Telegram: (E2E Available)
Voicemail: +1 (331) 207-4754

Use more than one if you can.

Contact me if you would like to setup a similar website or do business.

I am currently in need one of the following:

  1. A place to setup shop.

  2. A place to call home.

  3. Money.

    • I live in America and have financial debt from a longterm lack of 1 & 2. That debt will keep rising like a car parked in America if it is not under control.

    • I prefer to work for money, and my field is technology (IT, computer programming).

    • To purchase Sublime Text so that I can continue to work.

  4. A vehicle.

Help with any one of these things, or just poke around at the content on the website.

One thing I can offer to you is a website similar to this one. It does a lot more than meets the eye, supporting live streaming and transactions. Previous iteration is public domain. This iteration, Musiview, is copyrighted. So let's shake hands or some other culturally-accepted proximity greeting if you are just as excited about it as me.

If you want to help with the first need, here is a way: